Asia Pacific Arts - Television Asia Pacific Arts, published by the UCLA Asia Institute, covers the dynamic worlds of Asian and Asian American arts and entertainment. en-us Reach out to the truth: Persona 4 is a new class of JRPGBeing a Japanese high school student, solving mysteries, and (literally) battling your inner demons has never been more fun in the engagingly psychological world of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. Bishoujo Game Market: Not for Girl Gamers APA fangirl Kanara Ty revisits her childhood experiences with video games and further discusses a particular encounter with bishoujo games. One Stop Shop for the Seedy Underbelly of Japan: a review of Ryu ga Gotoku (Yakuza 3)Why the newest Kiryu Kazuma vehicle Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3) is the biggest Japanese game ever made. Stars in Asia: Fangirls and Fanboys APA's resident fangirl Kanara Ty discusses contemporary fandom in Asian pop culture, and the power of the internet to heighten our passions and create global communities. Top 10: Craziest Moments from the Dragon Ball AnimeHollywood's live-action Dragon Ball is no evolution in the classic franchise. APA counts down ten reasons to stick to the original. of 2008: Asian-themed Video GamesAPA recalls the year's top video games with Asian characters, settings, and themes. of 2008: Japanese TV DramasAPA's resident fangirl Kanara Ty has watched a lot of dramas this past year, and she picks out her top ten favorites of 2008. of 2008: Viral VideosWho needs a television anymore when we've got YouTube,, and other video-streaming sites all over the internet? Here are some Asian/Asian American-created online videos our writers discovered in 2008, for your viewing pleasure. of 2008: TelevisionOnce again, Asian Pacific Islanders made their presence known on American television. This year they made us laugh, snicker, and best of all, move our feet. Top Ten: Aasif Mandvi News ReportsOn the occasion of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, we recount Aasif Mandvi's best moments as a Daily Show senior political correspondent.