Asia Pacific Arts - Theater Asia Pacific Arts, published by the UCLA Asia Institute, covers the dynamic worlds of Asian and Asian American arts and entertainment. en-us Singing in Tight QuartersLodestone's latest production is a crowd-pleasing revival of Richard Maltby Jr. and Steven Scott Smith's 1989 off-Broadway show, Closer Than Ever. a BowWhen Asia conquers the world, hopefully the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors will ease the transition for all Americans -- with their quips, their political satire, and other sketch comedy hijinks. LivesLodestone's tenth and final season begins with Ten to Life, a collection of four one-act plays that keep you shocked, fearful, and always guessing. to LuckThe East West Players' faithful adaptation of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club outshines its famed movie cousin. WaterWith Be Like Water, East West Players proudly (and loudly) asserts Bruce Lee's Asian American connection. Other ClosetMost Asian American parents panic when their kids choose a life in the arts. Writer/performer Prince Gomolvilas shows you how a healthy dose of secrets and lies has helped him deal with his family. in One ActThe Thumping Claw One Act Series comes back for its second year, showcasing original stories from four notable Asian American playwrights: Julia Cho, Michael Golamco, Lloyd Suh, and Carla Ching. RealityUnder the leadership of Charles Kim and Ewan Chung, OPM (Opening People's Minds) comedy troupe comes to this year's Los Angeles Comedy Festival with their latest show "America's Top Model Minority." Sense of CommunityFamiliar faces of LA's Asian American theatre community work together to present The Emily Project, the end result of a series of improv workshops done Oymun-style. to be KindNeil LaBute's Some Girl(s) gives writer Ana La O' a good laugh and a bad sense of deja vu.