Asia Pacific Arts - News Asia Pacific Arts, published by the UCLA Asia Institute, covers the dynamic worlds of Asian and Asian American arts and entertainment. en-us Asia Pacific Arts: New Website and new RSS FeedAsia Pacific Arts is now being published at USC. Please update your links and RSS feeds accordingly. Work if You Can Get It: Asia Pacific Arts and Asian American cultural criticism As Asia Pacific Arts gains a new home at USC, former APA editor Chi Tung and current editor Brian Hu reminisce on APA's six years at UCLA, sound off on the uncertain present, and dream up a better tomorrow. 8, 2008: News BitesComcast pulls the plug on AZN TV, Ken and Chow go to Shanghai, and The Eye sees mediocre business. All this and more in the latest edition of News Bites. 14, 2007: News BitesArnel Pineda scores the ultimate gig, watercolorist Jake Lee gets his due, and Nanking arrives in theaters. All this and more in the latest edition of News Bites. Mr. Miyagi…Asia Pacific Arts salutes the late, great veteran Asian-American actor Pat Morita. Sampling of Japanese Comment on “Lost in Translation”Is the general Japanese audience offended by the biased and negative portrayal of their people in Sophia Coppola’s Oscar winning story? Paper Thoughts on Korean Punk RockThough Korean punk rock rose as late as the nineties, it is surely a sign of the times. Candid Look at Cannes This year’s Cannes Film Festival was an exciting moment for the international Asian community as many seized awards and opportunities to present their work at the luxurious French city where the world’s most famous film festival takes place. AI concerned over journalist's 'disappearance' The Amnesty International has expressed concern for the safety of Afghan journalist Sami Yousafzai and his Pakistani driver Muhammad Saleem who had "disappeared" on April 21 Much Drama, So Little Time! Nobody wants drama in their life, but when it comes to Korean dramas, people just can’t seem to get their fill.