Asia Pacific Arts - Exhibition Asia Pacific Arts, published by the UCLA Asia Institute, covers the dynamic worlds of Asian and Asian American arts and entertainment. en-us Report from Comic-Con 2009Always busy and never boring, the increasingly populist Comic-Con International celebrates its 40th anniversary with geeks, celebrities, and lines everywhere. APA presents two tales of Comic-Con: one from fangirl first-timer Kanara Ty and another from veteran attendee, William Hong. Expo 2009: Anime Music Video ContestEat your heart out, MTV! Each year, the Anime Expo provides fans with a slew of new professional-quality Anime Music Videos that give us a peek at the latest anime series that are worth watching. Expo 2009: OverviewAnother disappointing Anime Expo for our APA fanboy/fangirl correspondents, but instead of letting it get them down, William Hong and Kanara Ty contribute ten ways that the Anime Expo could be better.... Expo 2009: Panels and GamesWriter William Hong reports on this year's Anime Expo, focusing particularly on the panels for industry members, gamers, visual novel readers, and general fans. Top Ten: Most Memorable Anime Expo MomentsOn the occasion of 2009's Anime Expo, APA recounts our ten favorite moments in Anime Expo's 18-year history. Top Ten: Memorable Moments at E3 ExpoAPA recaps memorable E3 moments and meltdowns in recent memory. at E3 2009: Just give us Final Fantasy XIII already, Square Enix! APA fangirl Kanara Ty muses over the delay of Final Fantasy XIII -- and laments over Square Enix's stall tactics. for Otakus APA's resident fanboy/otaku/cosplayer/gamer/enthusiast William Hong talks about why Fanime is the ideal anime convention. Royal/TWatching the Traveling with Yoshitomo Nara documentary at Royal/T Cafe showed how influences of Japanese contemporary art are pervading our everyday consciousness. of 2008: FashionIt has been an exciting year for Asian/Asian American fashion designers as many of them joined the top designers of industry in offering eponymous ready-to-wear lines. APA looks back at Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 collections from the top Asian/Asian American designers of 2008.